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Episode 3 of MTV's Scream airs this Tuesday and looks like some new details on the mysterious, rumoured killer Brandon James might be revealed this week.

Titled Wanna Play a Game, the third episode of Scream will feature Emma trying to figure out her mother - Maggie's connection to the killer. In last week's episode, the killer calls Emma and plants the seed of suspicion in her mind by saying, "I know that everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you... Your two-faced friends, your fraud of a family, your w---- of a mother. It started with her, Emma ... but it'll end with you. See you soon."

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode reads:

"Emma discovers that her mom is keeping additional secrets; and the killer challenges her to a dangerous game."

Emma's involvement in this matter is not linked to just her mother. Last week's episode also revealed that Emma's dad was the sole survivor of the Brandon James murders that took place years ago.

In the sneak peek video of episode 3 (below), Emma is seen getting close to new student Kieran during a group project when he reveals that his dad has the old Brandon James case files at the house. This immediately sparks Emma's interest in getting hold of some new information on James.

"Brandon James almost killed my dad," she tells Kieran. "Somehow my mom was involved. I need answers."

Meanwhile, Nina - who was brutally murdered in the show's premiere episode - will be back, said actress Bella Thorne. "Nina will be back," Thorne revealed during the MTV series' San Diego Comic-Con panel, before explaining that her character is going to appear in flashback sequences. "More mean, and less dead!" she added.

Scream episode 3 Wanna Play a Game, airs this Tuesday, 14 July at 10pm ET/9pm CT on MTV. You can click here to watch it online.

You can also watch episode 3 live stream online by clicking here or here.