Oscar-winning writer/producer John Ridley recently gave an update on his upcoming untitled Marvel TV series. While he did not give any hint as to which Marvel property this show will adapt, he mentioned that it will have "social consciousness" but will still deliver "pure entertainment".

"You look at Jessica Jones, and [Marvel's] doing an interesting job of integrating [social consciousness]," said Ridley during the recently held Winter TCA Press Tour. (via ComicBookMovie)

"I would say in general, graphic novels, their reason for existence is a little different. It's about wish fulfilment, whether you're talking about Peter Parker, a young, misunderstood kid trying to figure out his way; if you're talking about Bruce Wayne, a man who's dealing with the loss of his parents; whether you're talking about Clark Kent, an orphan who's trying to figure out what he's meant to do without the guidance of his parents."

According to CBM, Ridley was developing everything from a Blade TV series, a show starring the new Ms Marvel - Kamala Khan or a Cloak & Dagger series. Best known for writing the Oscar-winning 2013 film 12 Years A Slave, Ridley has also written the screenplay for the upcoming movie Ben-Hur.

Meanwhile, ABC has ordered a pilot for Marvel's Most Wanted, the Agents of Shield spin-off, which is still set to revolve around Adrianne Palicki's Mockingbird and her ex-husband Lance Hunter (Nick Blood).

They are set to be the main stars of the new series and it was previously reported that: "Insiders say the series is not a spin-off, per se, but rather an entirely new project solely focused on the two characters to continue their story. Though plot details are scarce at this point, 'Marvel's Most Wanted' will follow the pair and their adventures together."