Secure folder for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
Secure folder app is here for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Samsung

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users can now make the most of the Secure folder. Samsung has just made the app available for download from the Galaxy Apps for the S7 duos running Android 7.0 or later; the company has plans to extend its support to additional devices soon.

Secure folder app, as its name suggests, is a security solution to help users protect their data. Featuring the Samsung Knox platform, the app creates a private and encrypted folder in the Galaxy device. Any apps or data you move to the Secure folder are kept separately, with an additional layer of security.

Samsung claims the Secure folder protects users' data against malicious attacks. S7 owners can use any authentication method such as PIN, pattern, passcode or biometric verification like fingerprint authentication to access the Secure folder.

You can store data such as apps, photos and documents in the Secure folder. You can also make copies of the apps you need the most and access them through alternate profiles. So the notes, photos and contacts in the Secure folder will remain separate from the same apps (copied version of the app) outside the Secure folder.

To set up the Secure folder all you need is your Samsung account. To select the data you want to move, just select "Move to Secure Folder" from apps like Gallery, My files or Contacts. Alternatively, tap "Add files" inside the Secure folder.

For additional security, you can customise the Secure folder by changing its name and icon. Use the Quick panel if you want to hide it from the home screen of the phone.

As the Secure folder supports cloud-based backup and restore, creating a backup inside the app is isolated from the general backup. Thus, backup data can be restored by going to Settings under the Secure folder.