Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived to the sound of beating drums and cheers for their first Royal Tour as a family in South Africa. The couple decided to join in with the dancers when they arrived at their first stop at Nyanga township.

The Justice Desk Founder and Executive Director Jess Dewhurst welcomed The Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they arrived at Nyanga Methodist Church and introduced them to the waiting crowd. The couple shook hands with two young boys and exchanged a few words with them. The boys taught them how to do their go-to-greeting, which involves a double high five, then low five followed by fist bumps.

At one point, Harry stood up and stomped his right foot and swayed his hips along with the music. Meghan followed suit and clapped while she danced.

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A group of dancing girls also enticed Meghan to dance with them and Harry even danced with a partner. They were then ushered away to meet the other children who came to see them.

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Prince Harry, who recently celebrated his 35th birthday, made sure to kneel down as he spoke and shook hands with the other boys present. His wife did the same and exchanged a few hugs with them.

The Duke and Duchess looked happy to be honoured with the warm and cheerful welcome. Prince Harry made sure to share his gratitude with one of the members of the local community, whom he thanked and kissed.

"Thank you for having us...thank you so much...You're doing an amazing thing here," The Invictus founder said in the tweeted video below.

The Duke and Duchess meeting the community members here in Langa!🇬🇧🇿🇦#RoyalTourAfrica#SussexRoyalTour

— The Justice Desk (@TheJusticeDesk) September 23, 2019

Following the greetings, the former "Suits" actress and her British Royal husband met with leading members of The Justice Desk to discuss their shared passion for youth leadership and women's rights.

"And just on one personal note, while I'm here with my husband as a member of the royal family. I want you to know, I am here with you as a mother, a wife, as a woman, as a woman of color and as your sister," People quoted Meghan as saying as she addressed the crowd.

Prince Harry also gave a speech about women's rights.

"I wanted to ensure that our first visit as a family, with my wife by my side, focused on the significant challenges facing millions of South Africans, while acknowledging the hope we feel so strongly here. No man is born to cause harm to women. This is learned behaviour and we need to break that cycle," the Duke said and added, "My role is to defend my wife and be a positive role model for my son."

Notably absent from the welcoming festivities in South Africa, is Prince Archie. Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave him with his nanny for their first stop.

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