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Many of the show's fans thought Khan's comments were "sexist" and condemned his views on women ITV

Amir Khan continues to remain the centre of attraction in I'm A Celebrity because of his ignorance on many important topics. After making surprising revelations about his unfamiliarity with Bushtucker Trial, the sportsperson have now become a butt of jokes for not knowing the prime minister of Britain.

In the latest episode of the ITV reality show, which aired on Sunday, 26 November, Georgia Toffolo was appointed as the jungle's prime minister and the 30-year-old British boxer complimented her Kung Fu skills by calling her a "little girl." "She moved quite well and she was kicking really high for a small little girl, lots of energy, lots of movement and her balance was really good," he said during the episode.

But he did not stop there and continued to doubt a woman's calibre to hold a high job and said: "Has a woman ever become prime minister?"

While his campmates looked at him with utter disbelief, he immediately realised his blunder and tried to do a damage control: "Oh, Margaret Thatcher. S**t!" His current affairs gaffe left the teammates in splits as Thatcher is not the current prime minister of the UK. Known as the Iron Lady of Britain, Thatcher held the office from 1979 to 1990.

Many of the show's fans thought Khan's comments were a little "sexist" and condemned his views on women. "Is Amir Khan serious what idiot would legitimately think that in this day and age a woman couldn't be prime minister," one show fan questioned the athlete's knowledge of the country's current affairs.

"I genuinely don't understand the rallying of Amir Khan. I find he lacks intelligence, he's mildly sexist, naive, simple-minded, ignorant and just extremely dim. And no, I don't find any of those attributes endearing," another fan wrote on Twitter.

"The fact that Amir Khan called @ToffTalks a 'little girl' makes me so angry!! She is 23, a strong woman and your derogatory comment isn't welcome or needed," said another citing his undermining remark for Toffolo's become prime ministership. "@amirkingkhan obviously taken too many hard shots to the head. "Has there ever been a woman prime minister?" Thick as f**k," added another.

"Amir khan asks if there has ever been a woman Prime Minister. He is neither witty nor clever. A shameless lack of education is nothing to be proud of. Obviously has no idea Women also died for our votes,' a third one added. "Amir Khan didn't know if there had ever been a female PM what do you expect from someone who gets punched in the head for a living?"