On a visit to a Cornish pier, you might expect the clear, pristine waters - but not what might be hiding underneath.

Holidaying in St. Ives, Tristan James Campion managed to grab footage of a shark swimming close to Smeaton's pier on the South West tip of England.

Posted to Facebook on Saturday (17 June), the footage has already been seen by thousands. The shadow of the great fish can be seen through the clear water.

Though it's not for certain, some on the social media site said that the body and movement of the sea creature suggested it was a juvenile basking shark, though others suggested it could have been a thresher shark, porbeagle shark or blue shark.

Campion was down in the seaside town with his wife and kids when they noticed the six-foot shark in the water. Cornwall Live reported that children screamed "There's a shark! There's a shark!" before the footage of the calm shark swimming along was taken.

Earlier in June, what is thought to be the first UK shark attack on a surfer was reported in Devon. 30-year-old Richard Thomson was left with cuts and bruises to his arms and legs after fighting back the shark that attacked him off Banthan beach.