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The aged woman was tortured for three years before being rescued by an NGO Reuters

A shocking video has surfaced showing a man from Mumbai strangling his 80-year-old mother with a cloth as she writhes and kicks on the floor. The video was reportedly taken by the man's wife Babita, while his 19-year-old daughter Akshaya watched the entire incident.

"The woman's son Surendra Vaid (47) used to tie her using a bed sheet and hang her to the fan upside down and switch on the fan. The family made a video of the act from their cell phone," said senior police inspector Dhanaji Nalawade adding that the torture had been going on for the past three years.

In the video one can hear the wife encouraging the man saying: "This woman is so stubborn." At another point she also holds down her mother-in-law's hand to prevent her from getting free.

The footage also shows the father encouraging his daughter to stab her grandmother in the stomach.

The woman was however rescued in time by a social worker who had received a tip-off regarding the abuse. She was taken to a hospital and charges were filed against the son, his wife and daughter on 30 September.

The man told the police that his mother was mentally ill and used to leave the house unaccompanied. He also claimed that his acts were meant to scare her so that she would behave herself.

Warning: The video below contains graphic content, viewer discretion is advised:

A similar clip from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh showed a woman torturing her mother-in-law, which led to the arrest of the abuser. The CCTV footage that surfaced in January showed Sangeeta Jain attempting to strangle 70-year-old Raj Rani and later beat her with a stone. She then tried to electrocute her estranged husband's mother using a water-heating rod.

As the police received the footage, Jain was arrested on charges of attempt to murder.

A TIME WHEN HUMANITY AND BLOOD RELATIONS MEANS NOTHING!Is this the end of sanity? Well that seems to be the question many are asking after a shocking video of a son attempting to murder his mother, surfaced from Mumbai. And what's even more shocking? As the man tried to strangle his mother to death, his wife, daughter and sister stood by recording a video of this brutal attack.

Posted by NEWS9 on Thursday, September 29, 2016