TV mogul Simon Cowell has revealed his joy at his partner Lauren's pregnancy and stated that he is very much in love with her. He also stated that he has come to terms with being a father and loves that feeling now.

"That's all been settled now. I love her and I love the fact that I'm having this baby," he stated.

Meanwhile, Lauren's mother, Carole Saland also expressed her joy at having another grandson on the way. She is currently visiting her daughter in New York and was gushing over the news that she was expecting a boy.

"We're all excited and we're all doing well. I'm just happy to be up here spending time with everyone," Saland stated.

"I'm so happy things have calmed down," Saland added. She also confessed that it made her very happy to see Cowell defending Lauren in the press.

Cowell recently opened up on the Ellen DeGeneres show about Lauren and stated that he was the happiest with her now.

"Because everyone knows, it was well documented, it was kind of uncomfortable. You know, the situation. But these things happen and everything is kind of calm now and I'm happy. I'm actually happier than I've ever been. I can't blame the media because they've got a juicy story. But there was a lot of stuff said about her, that she trapped me and that she's a gold digger. Absolute nonsense. She's a great girl, but it was awkward because of the circumstances," Cowell stated.

Lauren was divorced by her husband, real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman, who named 53-year-old Cowell in his at-fault divorce filing. She is already mother of Silverman's seven-year-old son, Adam. Silverman filed for an at-fault divorce in a Manhattan court, naming his wife and Cowell as the offending parties. Reports also emerged that their affair had been going on for four years.

"Lauren has loved Simon forever. And they started having an affair four years ago. The relationship began as a fling, but the baby -- due in February -- changed everything. Simon and Lauren are together. They talk 100 times a day," a source close to Lauren stated.