The Simpsons live episode
Homer Simpsons will be live on air receiving calls from viewers during the 15 May episode titled, Simprovised Fox

For the first time in television history, Homer Simpson will interact with fans live from Springfield for three minutes during this week's episode of The Simpsons season 27. Episode 21 is titled, Simprovised, which will air on 15 May at 8pm EST on Fox.

The official synopsis for the live episode reads as follows:

Click here to watch the episode online on Fox's official website. Or click here to watch it live on Fox Now (only in US).

Homer's voice actor Dan Castellaneta will answer questions that viewers ask him. There will be a seven-second delay to will prevent pranksters from asking inappropriate questions.

If you wish to ask Homer any questions dial (888) 726-6660 on 15 May, from 8-8.30pm EST. You can also tweet your questions at #homerlive.

Showrunner Al Jean was quoted as saying, "We actually considered doing a live appearance on 'The Tonight Show' by Homer to promote 'The Simpsons Movie' in 2007. But what we saw at the time didn't seem to have smooth-enough animation, so we didn't do it. But now it's advanced to the point where we think we think we can do three minutes of the show." (Via Comic Book Movie)

"Homer will be animated live," the executive producer continued and explained how the episode will progress. "While [voice actor] Dan Castellaneta will be in a booth where he'll speak into a mic, and what he says will go out live. But he's not hooked up to electrodes or anything; his motions are captured and translated into Homer's moves, which will appear in the animation. It will look like the normal show. We do have background animation that's been pre-animated with several jokes, but everything Homer does at the center of it will be live," Jean shared.

Explaining the rules and how they will select the questions, Jean said, "What's going to happen is that the writers will pick the questions. And there are a few rules I should mention: You have to be over 18, we'll need your permission to use them in reruns, and the questions should be for Homer — they shouldn't be things like, 'What's Dan Castellaneta like?' And they should be funny. But we'll select them and send them in to Dan. And we've obviously we talked about what people might be likely to ask, things like, 'What the hell are people voting for Donald Trump for'?"