Even as two episodes remain for The Flash season 2 to culminate, Barry Allen's fight against Zoom is likely to getting intense with the former getting his speed back. It will be more interesting as the Speed demon has unleashed his army on Earth 1 to take control of Central City.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk

Kevin Smith, who recently directed episode 21 titled, The Runaway Dinosaur, shared some interesting plot details related to the pre-finale and final episode of season 2. The director featured Teddy Sears (Zoom) as a guest speaker on his Fatman On Batman podcast.

Smith shared, "They got [me] the breakdown of what the last two episodes are, and there was something that happened in the episode after mine [after episode 21] – and it includes you [Teddy Sears] in a big, bad way, and I was like Arghhh [screams]. I wished that I was directing it because it is mad genius! It's the finale of the episode right after mine, so like the penultimate episode."

Smith also teased an "absolute shocking" finale. He shared, "I saw that breakdown and was like [gasps]. And then for what they decided to do for the absolute finale... it was kind of mad s**t as well. It's crazy. Like this is a show that ends big."

"Last season they ended on that huge high note where [Jay Garrick's] hat comes through at the end... It felt like that season finale was huge. It feels like the last three episodes of this [season 2], and I'm not throwing mine in for ego or anything like that, but the storyline that happens in that episode, the Barry stuff, is really crucial to the last two episodes so it feels like a triumvirate of episodes. Ends insanely, insanely strong," he shared.

The final episode will feature the ultimate showdown between Barry and Zoom, which has been built up on the show since the premiere of season 2. Meanwhile, Teddy Sears said, "Obviously Zoom is going to face off with Barry Allen... they are going to have a thing... which they have to do, they have to sort of meet in the final... draw sprint off. It's good guy vs bad guy."

So what do you think will it take Barry to take the Speed demon down in the finale? Guess we'll have to wait for that, but in the meanwhile, you can watch the promo for upcoming episode of The Flash season 2 titled, Invincible, which will feature Arrow's Katie Cassidy as the Black Siren.