The Government has asked Sir Philip Green, owner of Arcadia Group's Topshop and high street clothing Burton and Dorothy Perkins to step in as the Government's 'enterprize tzar' in a bid to cut waste over the next five years.

Sir Philip Green is to lead a team of civil servants in a Government spending review as the owner of Arcadia Group's long-term experience 'in the business' would ensure the October-produced 'Comprehensive Spending Review' gets implemented.

A billionaire, Sir Philip Green is to lead the campaign to eliminate inefficiency, savings and more at the Government offices where he will be fully supported by officials from the Cabinet Office and the Treasury.

"I will give this efficiency review my very best effort knowing how hugely important it is to the recovery of the country," he said.

"I haven't got preconceived ideas of what has to be done because I don't know how it is done," he added.


Philip, who came under criticism for putting his wife into tax haven, is going to be leading a centralised procurement system according to 'Today' which he says will 'get ourselves focused on big spending' and ensure that money is well-spent.

"I think in the past, occasionally having had discussions on this, there is not central procurement. So the thought process of us having an individual buyer in each one of our stores without centralising the purchasing, will give you some idea, hopefully, of the opportunity."

Sir Philip added that the 'process' would depend on 'how it's done' emphasising the need to 'have it done quickly'.

The process would regulate bigger spending and save money on larger procurement.


The company Chairman however was criticised for his wife's tax status. Tina Green is a direct owner of Arcadia, but resident in Monaco.

This allows a tax-free dividend to be paid which GMB union criticised, as well as his apparent status as owner of a company which imports cheap clothing: "If we were seeking advice about marketing or selling clothes he is someone you might ask." said.