Sister Wives season 6
Meri Brown breaks down while confessing about being catfished. TLC

The reality TV show Sister Wife, which is into its sixth season, featured a divorce, a wedding, a pregnancy and an engagement throughout its journey. But no drama is as big as the finale of the popular TLC show. The final episode of the current season is titled 'Meri Catfished' and will show how the eldest wife of Robyn Brown was tricked into an online relationship by a woman posing as a man in social media.

The trailer shows that an emotional Meri will divulge secrets before her family and reveal her pain of being lonely in the polygamist's house.

"They don't know what I brought into this family. I started talking to this person online. He was just saying all the right things," Kody's wife tells the camera, adding that the person was not a He but a She.

However, her confession will scare the polygamist who feels that his first wife might be planning to leave his family. "It's weird," Kody says, adding: "It sounds like she's leaving."

The two-hour special finale will also focus on the polygamist's daughter Maddie and her boyfriend, Caleb. In another promo, Caleb can be seen asking Kody's permission to marry his fiancée.

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Posted by Sister Wives on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"During an emotional and vulnerable time earlier this year, I began speaking with someone online who turned out to be not who they said they were. My family was very concerned for our safety and angry that we had been targeted. They were relieved once I told them what was really going on and saddened that I had been so afraid of involving them that I didn't go to them sooner," Meri told People magazine in October.

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Sister Wives Season 6 airs every Sunday on TLC at 9pm EDT.