Instagram model Sarah Stage gave birth to her second child Logan on Thursday (10 October). She recently took to Instagram to share a photo of her newborn son, and even responded to the several hate comments about her fashion choices.

The "six-pack mom", who is seen wearing a high-waist jeans in the photo, shared an update on how she is doing after the delivery. Stage wrote, "We are so happy and baby is doing great! I'm slowly but surely recovering from another c section! If we aren't at a doctors appointment then I'm usually in bed most of the day because my incision is still healing obviously!"

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Urging haters not to criticise her outfit, the 33-year-old said, "I wear pads the size of ✈️ and jeans/jeggings hold them in place (so kindly stfu if you're going to judge a woman who just gave birth on just her outfit )."

The model also addressed the hate comment about her make-up in her Instagram post. She said, "I even got messages of people getting mad about having my make up and hair done in my last post. My make up team consisted of just me being in a hospital bed with a mirror and an extra 10 minutes... but who cares? Why can't we look and feel good whenever we want? Whether ur wearing make up or not... you're fabulous and it's really no ones business."

She concluded by thanking her fans for the kind words. "The amount of sweet comments and messages have been overwhelmingly nice and we really appreciate the kind words. Now back to cuddling with my babes #WeGotThis #momlife #1weekoldToday#teamnosleep #2for2".

Her 2.4 million followers have showered her with support in the comments section. A user wrote, "They are just jealous, you are a sexy mom and u amaze everyone. Keep up being fabulous," another noted, "Some ppl just need to kindly stfu! Live your life...ppl and their opinions...ugh."

A user called her "amazing" and noted, "Thanks for being so candid and real. You're amazing."

"You tell them! People are so negative sometimes it's ridiculous. Continue to live your best life and enjoy your newborn. & most importantly don't let their negativity dim your light," another fan of the new-mum wrote in the comments section.