Holding five world records just isn't enough, is it?

That must have been what one American banker thought when he set his sights on smashing a sixth one: the greatest 12-hour run on a treadmill.

Hedge fund analyst-come-endurance athlete Chris Solarz, head of global macro strategies at Cliffwater LLC, already had his name in Guinness World Records: Twice for marathon running events, once for stopping at all New York's 468 subway stops in less than 24 hours, another for visiting 250 bars in less than 24 hours, and one for climbing 33,000ft up stairs in less than 12 hours.

The rules for his latest record attempt, which involved running as far as he could on a treadmill in half a day, were simple: press start, take as many breaks as you want, but the clock will keep running.

And as the video below shows he not only managed to complete the 12-hour run but clocked up an mighty 77.07 miles, eclipsing the 76.68 miles achieved in 2013 by Eusébio Bochons and setting a new world record.

US hedge fund analyst Chris Solarz ran 77.07 miles in 12 hours to set a new Guiness World Record Henry Castro

Solarz topped up his energy stores by devouring 5,000 calories in bananas, hummus wraps, granola bars and sports drinks.

Friends and family rallied behind him with some joining him on adjacent treadmills to spur him on.

Afterwards he told CNBC: "This was the most physically demanding of all of my six Guinness records.

"I knew that the record was just within my reach but I would need to get in the best shape of my life. After I put in 150 mile weeks for two months, I knew I could do it, but I still needed to execute.

"I had a perfect day and ended up breaking the record less than seven minutes before the 12-hour mark."