On Saturday, September 12, a 13-year-old boy was fatally run over by farming machinery. The boy from Michigan, United States met a gruesome end after being shredded alive by a corn harvester. The farmworker driving the harvester was not aware of the teen's presence. The boy was reportedly out hunting deer when the incident occurred. His remains have been sent for post mortem examination. It is unclear if the farmworker will face charges for what appears to be an accidental death.

Before 9 am local time, the teenager was reportedly sleeping in a field in the Thumb region near Elkton, Michigan. It is believed that the boy's family had dropped him off to go deer hunting in the area. He fell asleep in the cornfield alone.

The cornfield which was ready for harvest, turned out the be the worst place for the teen to be napping. Part of the field had already been harvested. A 25-year-old farmworker from Pigeon, Michigan arrived at the field to complete the task. He had no idea that the teen was hidden by the tall corn crops.

The man started harvesting the field using the large Krone corn chopper. He did not realise that he had run over the youth. A short while after running over the teen, the man stopped to inspect the harvester. He made the horrific discovery of the teen's bloody and shredded body.

He alerted the emergency services of the accident. They examined the teen but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The Sun reported that Huron County Sheriff's Department launched an investigation into the death. The farmworker testified and claimed that the death was accidental. However, the Huron County Medical Examiner's Office has ordered a post mortem examination of the remains to determine the cause of death.

While Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson confirmed the incident involving the teenager, the authorities did not reveal the identity of the victim. The Metro claims that the victim was Laker High School student, Jeffrey Powell from Pigeon, Michigan. As the investigation is ongoing, the authorities have not released any information of the teen as well as the farmworker.

Teen shredded alive by corn harvester as he slept in a field. (representational image)