Clothing retailer Boden has come under fire online for being too expensive and smug.

The brand has cemented its reputation as a popular choice amongst the upper and middle classes, but it would appear to be facing a backlash.

Worn by Prime Minister David Cameron while on holiday, Micehlle Obama and film stars such as Angelina Jolie, Boden still caters for the rich, but amid an atmosphere of austerity its prices have seen it fall out of favour.

Internet forums have seen the 'Boden is smug' debate pick up momentum. One writer on mother's forum Mumsnet said: "When I look at Boden ads I want to say 'sto looking so bloody smug'".

Meanwhile a fashion insider told the Evening Standard: "Boden's clothes are too expensive and lacking in imagination. The brand image is difficult to reconcile with the tough times we are living through."

Despite the internet backlash Boden's latest figures saw turnover increase by 15 percent to £232million, while pre-tax profits rose by 13 percent to £32.5 million.