Back when mobile phones resembled house bricks, colour screens were for televisions, multi touch was for Star Trek and changing covers was a way of life, there was just one game – Snake. And now it's back.

From 14 May, the game everyone loved to hate in the mid-1990s and early 2000s will return for iOS, Android and Windows Phone; and it's not a cheap knock-off, it is created by the same man who brought us the original, Taneli Armanto.

Although synonymous with Nokia – and appearing on almost all of the Finnish company's handsets from 1997 onwards – Snake was actually first seen in the late 1970s, appearing under various names until it appeared on the Nokia 6110 as the game we all recognise.

Called Snake Rewind, the game looks much like the original, but with a 21st century redesign to bring colour to the otherwise incredibly simple concept of guiding a snake around a screen to eat blocks which make it grow, until the snake crashes into itself and you lose.

But there have been a couple of changes to the gameplay. A new feature – as hinted by the game's title – is that players can rewind the snake to continue the game after crashing.

It's the kind of thing car racing games like Forza Motorsport have had for years, but is hopefully something the Snake purists can switch off here. Also new is a range of food which carry unique powers and effects. The game has 10 levels, each with different visuals and music.

Although the price of Snake Rewind hasn't yet been revealed, there are mentions on developer Rumilus Design's website of "fruit stores where boosters and items can be upgraded and purchased", suggesting Snake Rewind will be a freemium game, where it is initially free but players will be offered to purchase in-game content to make progressing through the levels easier or more rewarding.

There will be leaderboards for players to compare their scores with friends online, and a way to share their high scores and progress on Facebook.