Prince William and Kate Middleton with family
Prince William and Kate Middleton shared their Christmas card for 2023 photographed by Josh Shinner. Photo: The Prince and Princess of Wales/X The Prince and Princess of Wales/X

"Saturday Night Live" mocked Prince William and Kate Middleton's 2023 Christmas Card as a Photoshop fail and even included a Meghan Markle joke.

The Prince and Princess of Wales shared a black-and-white photo featuring themselves with their children Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five, on social media last week and called it their Christmas Card for 2023. Eagle-eyed royal watchers were quick to point out something amiss with their youngest child in the photo. He seemed to be missing a finger and "SNL" was quick to ride on this observation during its "Weekend Update" segment with hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che.

Jost showed the family photo on screen and said: "A Christmas photo released by the royal family features a bad Photoshop job where Prince Louis' finger appears to be missing."

"And this is sweet. Meghan Markle said she has a finger they can use if they need it," the 41-year-old added as an edited photo of the Duchess of Sussex appeared on screen with a part of her hand blurred out, probably because she is giving the middle finger sign.

Commentators thought it was a good joke on the royal family, with one writing: "That Meghan Markle joke was my Christmas present...Loved It!" Another chimed in: "The Megan Markle joke was hilarious."

Meanwhile, a third defended Prince William and Kate Middleton's Christmas Card and explained: "That's not a photoshop of Prince Louis' hand; the kid has his front two fingers folded under atop the arm of the chair, while his back two are splayed over its side. I don't understand why people can't see that. Rampant social media hysteria."

A royal source has also since clarified that the portrait was not photoshopped and that Prince Louis definitely still has all his fingers intact. The insider explained: "It's not photoshopped. It seems as if he just bent his finger over. He's certainly not lost a finger – don't worry about that!"

Aside from Prince Louis, there were also those who noticed that the Princess of Wales is missing one leg in the photo. Her other leg can be seen from the opening under the chair where Princess Charlotte is seated.

Likewise, the Prince of Wales' other leg is not visible in the portrait. Some clarified that it could be that he had his legs spread wide apart so the other is not visible to the camera. Meanwhile, his wife probably had another leg placed behind the other.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have not publicly responded to the Photoshop claims although people have since called out the flub on social media. But they are reportedly "embarrassed" by the mishap with an unnamed insider saying that they "were as shocked as everyone else" to see Prince Louis' missing a finger in the photo.

Regardless, there were also those who complimented the casual atmosphere in the family's Christmas Card. One praised: "It's a beautiful, simple and classy family photo that so many can relate to." Another chimed in: "I love the down to earth of the denim and converse. Well done."

Josh Shinner, who took the photo, shared that he had fun taking the portrait thanks to the comfortable ambiance and the jokes shared by the couple's children. He shared that it was "without doubt one of the most relaxed and enjoyable sittings" he has ever had.

The photographer also mentioned learning "a whole new set of jokes" from the children but refused to give out details when prodded by a commentator. He also declined to share any more details when quizzed if it was Prince William and Kate Middleton's choice to go for a black and white portrait and if the family made their own wardrobe choices.