Snoop Dogg is trying to rally his 12.5 million Twitter followers and 5.8 million Instagram followers so he can play Xbox 360 American football game NCAA Football 14 on Xbox One thanks to Microsoft's new backwards compatibility model.

On Twitter the rapper said "We need. 10,000 votes," linking to an Instagram post of Microsoft's Xbox Feedback site, where fans can vote on the games they most want to see on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility.

When Snoop sent out the plea the game stood at 4,670 votes, it now has 5,872 at the time of writing. It's far off the numbers of the most popular games being voted for. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sits at the top of the pile with 78,000 votes, ahead of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption on 75,905 votes and fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with 70,898.

The site doesn't dictate which games will get made however, but instead serves as a gauge of interest for publishers and developers who have the power to make their 360 games available on Xbox One. Microsoft can only reach out to people themselves and back their own games available – otherwise they need the permission of those who own the rights to other games.

The NCAA Football franchise is an off-shoot of the more popular Madden franchise. Both are developed by EA studios, but NCAA concerns the college football branch of the sport, not the National Football League (NFL).

Older sports games are unlikely to be made backwards compatible because it may hinder the potential sales of future versions. However, NCAA Football 14 was the last college football game to be made, so there's certainly a chance. That, or Snoop's drive for public interest may provoke EA into making another game in the series for Xbox One and PS4.

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