Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank, believes that artificial intelligence (AI) will not only reach the point of equal intelligence with humans in the near future, but will surpass it by a wide margin. The 'singularity', a point in time where AI becomes as smart as humans is expected, according to Son, within 30 years from now.

Son, speaking at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh – where Sofia, the robot, was given Saudi Arabian citizenship, declared that in 30 years, not only will singularity happen, but AI will actually reach an IQ of 10,000.

For reference, any IQ above 100 is considered to be intelligent and an IQ of 200 is considered as genius. According to Science ABC, the highest recorded human IQ score is between 250–300. Einstein is believed to have had an IQ of around 190.

"Singularity is the concept that [mankind's] brain will be surpassed, this is the tipping point, crossing point, that artificial intelligence or computer intelligence surpasses [mankind's] brain and that is happening in this century for sure. I would say there is no more debate, no more doubt," said Son, marking the year 2047 as being the point when this happens.

Ray Kurzweil, a well-known futurist who has been known to make some accurate predictions about technology, previously noted that singularity will happen by the 2030s, latest by 2045, according to Futurism. The report also noted that Son is working towards triggering this "tipping point" through SoftBank.

SoftBank has already partnered with IBM's Watson, Honda and Fetch Robotics, said the report. The company has also acquired UK-based ARM, a chipmaker focussed on AI.

As of now, SoftBank has an AI-powered robot called Pepper which has displayed wit and the ability to perceive human emotions, the company said.

Robots like Sophia and Pepper are learning fast and, with the level of technology that is available today, they are growing considerably, the report added.

"Thirty years from now, they are going to learn by themselves, they are maybe going to laugh at you and us," Son said. "Today, they look cute. They will stay cute, but they will be super smart."

He also added that it will not necessarily mean that human minds will become obsolete. "If you have to envision, 10 years or 30 years later, at least some humans will have a better imagination than them. So, it's not the end." The power of human imagination and feelings have no limit, assured Son.