Apple is poised to become the first company to open a fully solar-powered store in Singapore as part of its ongoing efforts to go green with renewable energy source.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has signed a partnership deal with solar energy developer Sunseap Group for acquiring 100% renewable electricity, once the project goes live.

Reuters reports that Apple plans to create 200 megawatt solar energy projects in China and work with the local suppliers to obtain more renewable energy. In addition, the company is committed to purchase more power from a California solar farm for its new Silicon Valley campus, which will use rooftops to harness power from the sun.

Apple's new retail store and neighbouring public-owned buildings in Singapore will use rooftop solar panels on 800 buildings to generate 50 megawatts (MW) of total renewable energy that can power up to 9,000 homes. The company's new facility will burn around 33MW of the project's capacity.

There is still no word on the actual location and the launch date for the upcoming retail Apple Store in Singapore. However, Sunseap managing director Frank Phuan has sounded positive about globalising sustainable energy practices as more and more companies start embracing the new technology.