Sons of Anarchy fans are eagerly waiting to revisit the world Jax Teller with the upcoming spinoff series tentatively titled as Mayan MC. While the flow of information about the highly anticipated show is less, its creator has finally revealed his plans for the Latino motorcycle club.

Kurt Sutter, who rose to fame for his popular show SOA, is planning to honor the mythology of the cult classing with the pilot episode which he will direct. The first episode will smoothly transition the story from the chaotic life of the fictional town of Charming to the new mythology centered around the Latin MC. SOA narrated the story of a white motor cycle club named SAMCRO.

"I'll direct the pilot and my plan is to do this. It's to honor the mythology that a lot of talented people spent seven years creating so that we transition from that mythology into this new mythology. And my hope is to hire creative staffs that are based in that culture," he told Comic Book.

However, the show's creator refrained from mentioning whether the pilot episode will mention Jax or his son Abel or any of the other Tellers. But he does mention that in order to reflect the true Latino spirit in the show, he plans to have a creative team of people of color.

"So that ultimately my plan will be probably if we're lucky enough to continue, that I would co-run the first season with someone and then hand off the show to a primarily a creative team of people of color. And then still sort of participate from a producorial level, to maybe help guide it. But it really becomes a show about Latinos with an all-Latino cast and ultimately a primarily a Latino team running it," he added.

FX is yet to announce the premiere date for the show based on the outlawed gang Mayans MC. In SOA, the Mayans were the closest competitor/friends of Jax's motorcycle club. In SOA, the Mayans MC was led by Marcus Alvarez, a notorious and ruthless leader who didn't hesitate to kill his own son for failing a mission.