After failing to debut the PS5 at its CES 2020 press conference, consumers are evidently losing interest. Moreover, Sony's confirmation that it will not participate in this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) only adds to the issue. Therefore, industry analysts weighing in on the matter are in agreement that the company executives should take action soon. Last year, rumours hinted at a possible February event to showcase the production model of the console. Now, a source claims there is an indication to support this speculation, which should be great news for fans.

Reports indicate a precedent as well that should add some credibility to what might be a "repeat performance," as implied by Destructoid. Considering that Sony officially presented the PlayStation 4 at an exclusive PlayStation Meeting event in 2013, which was likewise held in February. Perhaps this is what the Japanese gaming firm intended all along.

So far, the folks at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) are doing a good job of keeping its PS5-related secret safe from leaks. According to journalist Mike Futter, a shred of notable evidence that another PlayStation Meeting show could be in the works, comes from recent development within the company. It seems that the management has delegated the responsibilities for its Destination PlayStation event to "a major distributor."

For those who are unaware, this is an exclusive presentation reserved for the brand's important business partners. These include retailers, distributors, third-party game studios, and local publishers for various territories. Now that E3 2020 is out of the picture, SIE needs to make a big splash this early to keep up with Microsoft's continued publicity for its upcoming game system X.

From a technical specification standpoint, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have not published the final details. Despite what the leaked AMD internal testing data shows, insiders warn the public to take the information with a pinch of salt. If the benchmark results are to be followed, Microsoft's console is by far more powerful than what Sony's machine could muster.

Until Sony properly introduces its next-generation platform at the purported PlayStation Meeting next month, consumers should be wary of unofficial hardware details. The Xbox Series X and PS5 are both slated to hit retailers this fall.

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