The hugely popular Sony Playstation network has become a victim of a Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attack, leading to short interval outages.

The outage affected Playstation users on Sunday, with Sony acknowledging the issue in an official blog post.

However, gamers need not fret since the Playstation network is now up and running.

"The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack", stated Sony, in its blog post.

Have personal user credentials been compromised?

According to Sony, no personal user information has been compromised in the latest attack.

"We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorised access to users' personal information," add engineers at Sony.

This means that the latest DDOS attack does not qualify as being 'gravely severe' like the attack that Sony's Playstation network suffered in 2011.

Apparently, the 2011 cyber-attack had led to user accounts being compromised.

Responsibility for the attack

A group by the name 'Lizard Squad' have claimed responsibility for the latest Playstation cyber-attack, states an Inquistr report. The report also quotes Lizard Squad as having stated that the attacks on Sony's Playstation would continue until bombing of the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) ceases.