Xperia fans who were waiting for the arrival of the next-gen Xperia series flagship are in for a bit of disappointment, as word on the street is that the device will not be launched at the 2015 Mobile World Congress event, Barcelona.

Instead, Sony is planning a summer release for its next high-end Xperia smartphone, which is otherwise known as Xperia Z4, reports Xperiablog.

Sony usually schedules the market roll-out of its flagship smartphone by March end. But this year, there is a good chance that the company might go for a summer release.

First up, in the leaked mail from George Leon, Sony's executive vice president of consumer marketing, there is mention of a May and November 2015 release for the Xperia Z4 phones. Besides, there are not too many leaks apart from the Bond-Movie Product pitch which reveal the time-frame of the launch of the new Xperia devices.

Recently, a new Xperia smartphone has been caught making its way through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It was expected to be the Xperia Z4, but the new disclosure puts all those rumours to rest and claims this is likely to be a mid-range Xperia device.

If the disclosure turns out to be true, then Sony might continue the Xperia Z3 models as its flagship for the MWC 2015, and this might be the reason Sony recently launched the purple coloured Xperia Z3. The purple Xperia Z3 is now exclusively available for pre-order at Carphone Warehouse in the UK.