Sony has officially pushed back the launch date or shipping date for its forthcoming flagship tablet, the Xperia Z4, in the UK, as the company recently updated its product page that clearly says "Deliveries expected to start 17 June".

The product page on Sony Mobile UK website just lists the LTE (SIM free) version of the tablet at £579 ($884), while the Wi-Fi version has been taken down from the product listing page for some reason, reports Android Police.

Nevertheless, the advertised Xperia Z4 tablet (LTE version) has the highest waterproof IP rating for its detachable keyboard, besides featuring a super-slim and lightweight body design.

The tablet is said to feature a 10.1in Ultra-bright 2K display and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, which is one of the fastest mobile processors available in the market today.

With the Wi-Fi version of the tablet being taken off the shelves abruptly, it seems Sony Mobile isn't too concerned with the sales prospects for the device in the UK or other regions.

Meanwhile, the Z4 smartphone is being sold with the moniker Z3+ in countries outside of Japan, which could actually signify some strategic move from the company, as often smartphone sales eclipse those of the tablet from the same series.