In a bizarre incident, an intruder who broke into a house looking to run off with some valuables got the shock of his life after being confronted by a 91-year-old naked woman.

Joseph Parent broke into the Massachusetts home of elderly Patricia Mulkeen and her husband Jack on early Tuesday (24 October) morning, expecting to steal something. But his plan took an unexpected turn when Patricia was woken by her 12-year-old dog, Wheaten Terrier.

The old woman's husband, Jack, said her wife thought that Terrier might have seen a raccoon. So she grabbed a flashlight and went to see what was happening. But when she walked into the dining room, she found a man standing there.

"My wife at 91 years old gets out of bed and she's stark naked. And here's this young guy in his 20's looking at a naked 91-year-old woman. That'd be enough to make him faint; it's a shock," Jack joked to 7News.

The elderly woman said she wasn't frightened, "I was just surprised". Jack added that the 28-year-old Parent also said "sorry ma'am" to Patricia and immediately left the house through the basement.

The couple called police, who then arrested Parent. Police said the young accused is well-known to law enforcement on the Cape and has been charged with breaking and entering as well as drug possession.

Patricia and Jack have also thanked their normally quiet dog for his alertness. They praised the dog for helping them chase off the burglar.