Soulja Boy can taunt Chris Brown as much as he wants by sharing pictures with the Royalty artist's ex, but that will not affect the rapper. According to a new report, Brown doesn't care about these antics of Soulja Boy as he knows the 26-year-old can never have Rihanna or Karrueche Tran, the two most important relationships in Brown's life.

"Soulja [Boy]'s whack and tremendously thirsty," a source told Hollywood Life. "He thinks that by going behind Chris [Brown] and f*****g all his old groupies [he] is somehow making Chris mad." But, it seems the New Flame hitmaker is not bothered by these provocative gestures of the Crank That rapper.

Sources close to Brown claim that the singer is convinced his former girlfriends — the Barbadian singer and the American actress — will not stoop to the level of Soulja Boy amid their ongoing feud.

"There's only two girls that ever really mattered to Breezy on a relationship level, and that's Rihanna and Karrueche [Tran], and Chris knows damn well Soulja ain't had either sexually and never will," the insider revealed. "He's not even Ri or Kae's type, and Chris doesn't believe that either of them would actually stoop that low and get down and dirty with the likes of Soulja."

The two rappers, who have been arguing and picking up fights on social media for some time now, took things to another level with their war of words and threats. Soulja Boy added even more fuel to the conflict when he brought Brown's former girlfriends — the Work singer and Tran — in the mix.

"I was going to chill but now I'm going to finish this n***a. I'm doing it for Rihanna. That was f****d up how he beat her ass like that smh," the Pretty Boy Swag singer tweeted.

However, the Hollywood Life source added, "Ri and Kae like bosses. Real bosses with money and real status in the industry... Soulja, well, he's none of the above."