Magaluf is a popular destination for British holiday makers
Magaluf is a popular destination for British holiday makers

A 20-year-old British tourist has died after apparently falling from a third-floor balcony at a hotel in the resort of Magaluf in Majorca, Spain. The Spanish Guardia Civil, which is leading the investigation, is yet to comment on whether he died in an accident or committed suicide.

The man's body was found at the four star BH Mallorca Hotel shortly before 7am local time on Wednesday (31 August) and was pronounced dead. According to local news reports the unidentified man had been depressed following the death of a brother.

Magaluf has become notorious for the drunken antics of boozy holiday-makers, many of them Britons. On Sunday (28 August) a 19-year-old British girl narrowly avoided death when she fell from a fourth floor balcony at the three-star HM Martinique Hotel.

She survived after hitting a ledge over some stairs. At the start of August, a British tourist was found asleep on top of a lifeguard tower and had to be rescued by firefighters.

In May 2016, a 25-year-old bricklayer fell from a balcony on the first night of his holiday. He was placed in a coma and sent back to the UK with a bleed between his brain and skull and is expected to take up to 10 years to recover. A practise known as "balconing" - jumping between balconies - is common in Magaluf. In 2012, three holidaymakers died in just two months at the resort.

So called balconing isn't the only danger. This week (29 August) footage emerged of two men having a fist fight in front of hundreds of braying holiday-makers in the Majorcan resort. many of those cheering the two men on sounded British.

Many Majorcans are sickened by the drunken antics of tourists and £500 fines have been introduced for revellers who infringe new regulations including walking between bars with drinks, according to the Mail Online.