Man smoking a joint
It is highly not advisable smoke a joint prior to engaging or operating a motor vehicle, police said Getty

As parents excitedly took their kids for the first day of school celebrating their rediscovered freedom, some mums in Canada took the party spirit a little further. A mother in British Columbia was stopped by police for speeding, only to tell officers that she had just smoked a "celebratory" back-to-school joint with other mums in the car.

Police in Saatchi told CBC News that as soon as the woman rolled down her window it was "abundantly obvious" that a joint had been smoked in the car: "That individual stated that they had had a celebratory joint earlier as the kids were back in school."

Acting Sgt Jereme Leslie said that the mother was tested and a drug recognition expert confirmed that she was sober enough to drive.

She was issued a ticket for speeding in a school zone.

Leslie said that he hoped the incident would make drivers think twice about smoking a joint and getting behind the wheel: "It's highly not advisable to do that prior to engaging or operating a motor vehicle."

The National Post reported that fines for speeding in school zones between 8am and 5pm on weekdays are between $196 (£114) to $483 (£280).