President Donald Trump's second wife, actress Marla Maples, was reportedly caught snapping selfies in Times Square shortly after the crash. According to The New York Post, Maples "rushed to the scene" of the crash and posted a series of videos to her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

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Trump's 53-year-old ex posed for selfies near police cordon that kept the crowd away from the body of the 18-year-old victim. In her videos, Maples said she was there to "help". "We're at Times Square at the scene of this horrific crash," Maples said in one video.


The 18-year-old victim of the crash has been identified by New York Post as Alyssa Elsman from Michigan. There has been no official confirmation yet.

She is believed to be visiting New York with her family, including her 13-year-old sister who was also injured in the crash.

The newspaper said that Elsman was pronounced dead at the scene while her sister was taken to a hospital.


Richard Rojas has been taken to a testing facility where he will be tested for drugs and alcohol.

Police are investigating the incident as a possible alcohol-related crash and not terrorism, local media reports say.


An 18-year old woman was killed in the crash and her 13-year-old sister was among the 22 injured when the vehicle ploughed into pedestrians.

The city is asking those with missing family members who may have been at the Times Square to call its 311 hotline.


Hollywood Life has obtained what appears to a police mugshot of Richard Rojas, the driver suspected to have killed one person in Times Square.

Richard Rojas
Richard Rojas has at least two previous arrests for DWI NYPD


You can watch the press conference from Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner O'Neill following the vehicle collision in Time Square in full below:


Times Square suspect named

The suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Richard Rojas from the Bronx. Police confirmed he has been arrested at least twice before for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).

Police also said the number of injured has been increased to 22.

Of the injured, four are in a critical condition, three suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries and 15 have less serious injuries.

Police also repeat that there is "no indication" this was a terror attack.

Aerial View Of Times Square Car Crash Scene


The number of injured from the scene has now risen to 19. Number of fatalities currently remains at one.


We now have an aerial footage of Times Square taken shortly after the car drove into the crowd in the busy tourist spot in the middle of the afternoon.

Warning: Some may find the footage distressing.

Aerial view of New York Times Square car crash scene Instagram/Lisa Abreu


The White House says that President Donald Trump has been "made aware" of the crash. The president is due to hold a news conference later with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

Donald Trump
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque


US media are reporting the suspect is a 26-year-old male who has a history of driving while intoxicated.

Times Square New York
First responders assist injured pedestrians after a vehicle struck them in Times Square Jeremy Schultz/Reuters


Police have confirmed a suspect has been arrested in the "isolated incident", further suggesting this was not a terror attack.


Latest from New York fire department confirming at least on person has died.


According to the Associated Press, a law enforcement official says driver who plowed into crowd in Times Square is in custody, being tested for alcohol.

Videos from the scene appear to show a man being taken away in custody by police soon after the crash.

Times Square
A man is arrested after an incident at Times Square Instagram/p_huddy913


It is now being reported that police are not treating the incident as terror-related and are examining whether a drunk-driver may be responsible.


New York City Fire Department say at least 13 people are being treated at the scene.


This is the only message from the official NYPD Twitter account so far regarding the incident.


Eyewitness are describing the scene on social media.

Twitter user Michael Rickerby wrote: "just witnessed a car running people over in times square. scariest moment of my life. what is wrong with some people?!"

Times Square New York
An injured pedestrian is attended to in Times Square Mike Segar/Reuters


Reports are suggesting that the car "intentionally" drove into the crowd, but this cannot be confirmed currently.


The New York Police Department has closed off the area and other emergency services are at the scene of the incident.


More pictures from the scene in New York.


Early reports suggest the driver "lost control" on 7th in Times Square.