In the days leading up to and including St Patrick's Day, a number of Irish-themed search terms rose substantially on Pornhub, the adult video site has revealed. The most surprising search spike happens for the word 'leprechaun' that sees an increase of over 8,000% on the celebration of the Irish patron saint.

Along with 'leprechaun', searches for 'st patricks day' and 'saint patrick' increase 6,177% and 4,481% respectively. More specifically sexual search terms prefixed with 'irish' also increase, with 'irish creampie' increasing by 5,129%, 'irish anal' by 1,714% and 'irish lesbian' by 1,336%. The search term 'irish' on its own increases by 2,173%. All searches containing 'irish' increase by 650% on the day, with searches containing 'luck' or 'lucky' increasing by 200%.

As St Patrick's Day is known as a day that some people like to enjoy a drink, Pornhub also checked to see whether there was an increase in misspellings of popular search terms that might be explained by inebriated typing. Misspelled searches for 'lesbian' increase by 19%, which the most common being 'lebsian' which rises 46%. 'MILF' is another common search term that has an increased number of misspellings on St Patrick's Day, an increase of 13%, with 'mifl' seeing the biggest increase of 27%.

Green being the colour of all things on St Patrick's Day, the word as a search term also sees significant increases, with searches for the word 'green' alone rising 517% and 'green hair' increasing 192%.

Pornhub regularly releases interesting statistics about its usage around significant events. Earlier in March, they released the most common search term in the home states of the three frontrunners for the Republican party's nomination to the US presidential election − it was 'lesbian' in all of them. Earlier in the year, as Storm Jonas battered the US east coast, Pornhub released just how much their usage increased as people were stuck inside.