Star Wars Battlefront
Luke and Han's new looks released in a free update EA

This week, EA has revealed its plans for free updates coming to DICE's online shooter Star Wars Battlefront in January, February and March, as well as offering a taste of what is to come later in 2016 in paid expansion packs available individually or as part of the season pass.

EA has detailed the season pass contents – including new maps based on the Death Star and Jabba's Palace – as well as a wealth of new updates and maps coming as part of free updates. Below, we have summarised everything that has been confirmed to be included in each free update.

January update (available now)

  • Raider Camp – the Tatooine-based map previously used only in round-based solo or co-op mode Survival – is now a competitive multiplayer map that supports Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains modes.
  • Playable heroes Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have received Hoth-themed costumes based on their appearance in the early portion of The Empire Strikes Back. Luke wields his original blue lightsaber.
  • DICE is to begin offering daily challenges and community events, which will offer the chance to earn experience and unlock items faster.
  • Private matches are now available.

February update

  • An existing competitive multiplayer map based on Hoth will be tweaked for Survival mode.
  • An entirely new Hoth map will be released that supports large-scale modes Walker Assault, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron and Turning Point.
  • All maps that currently support Walker Assault and Supremacy will also support Turning Point – the new mode introduced in the free Battle of Jakku update.

March update

  • An existing competitive multiplayer map based on Tatooine will be tweaked for Survival mode.
  • A map set on the forest moon of Endor will be released that supports Walker Assault, Supremacy and Turning Point.

It is likely both the February and March updates will include more than has already been confirmed, and that we will learn what that is in the coming month. The March update is likely to launch alongside or around the release on the first paid-for expansion back – which will introduce new maps based on Tatooine and Sullust.

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