Dangerous Golf
A screenshot from Dangerous Golf. Three Fields Entertainment

Three Fields Entertainment, a new indie studio formed by Burnout creators Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry has announced its first title, Dangerous Golf. It has also teased that its next game could be a spiritual successor to the beloved racing series last seen on consoles eight years ago.

Dangerous Golf tasks players with getting the ball as far away from the hole as possible while causing as much damage as humanly possible. It's set for a digital release this May on PS4, Xbox One and PC. All the carnage is rendered in, we assume, the kind of glorious detail that made the Burnout series and its extensive slow-motion crashes such a delight.

The game was announced alongside several interviews. Speaking to VideoGamer, Ward said: "We've been talking about it on and off for the past probably four or five years, so yeah, we know exactly what to do... It's probably going to involve driving really fast and hitting things." Sperry adds: "And a lot of destruction!"

Discussing Dangerous Golf, Ward said: "The game is as serious a golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation to driving games. We wanted to mix the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst setting the golf ball on fire -- a nod to NBA Jam."

In screenshots we can see courses set in a kitchen full of lovely, smashable plates, and a House full of antique vases and glassware. No trailer for the game has been revealed yet.

"In real golf, you would probably really think about where [the ball is] going to go and try and land as near to the flag as possible. In our game you get more points if you deliberately land it as far away from the hole as possible, turn your back on the flag [and] bang it in the wall," said Ward.

The game features single player plus turn-based online and local multiplayer modes, and online leaderboards.

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