EA has confirmed what is to be included in the season pass for its hit Star Wars Battlefront – confirming at least two new locations for upcoming maps as well as a string of new features, tweaks and new uses for existing maps being added in free updates.

Three of the four previously announced expansion packs have been given a vague outline. Expansion one will offer new maps set on Sullust and within Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. Expansion two will be set on Bespin – presumably with maps based on Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back. Expansion three will finally offer players maps based on the Death Star.

These expansions have been given release dates of March, summer and autumn respectively. The fourth expansion pack is planned for early 2017, but no information has yet given regarding what will be included in it: fingers crossed it is maps and characters based on The Force Awakens. All expansions will be available to purchase separately as well as part of the season pass, which costs £39.99. No pricing information was offered for the separately sold packs.

The free update, which is now live, adds support for addition game modes to Tatooine's Survival map, new Hoth-themed outfits for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, the ability to play private matches, the introduction of daily challenges and community events, and a number of gameplay tweaks.

These tweaks, it has been revealed, reduces the power of Boba Fett – the most powerful playable hero or villain character in the game, as well as reducing the damage dealt by Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 Ships in Fighter Squadron mode, the DL-44 pistol and the Bowcaster. A lengthy list of other changes have also been made – detailed in the article linked to above.

Free updates coming in February and March were also detailed.

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