In a horrific discovery made in the Spanish town of Majorca, the starving pet dogs of an elderly couple allegedly fed on their remains after their sudden death that police believe remained undiscovered for several months.

The remains of the couple, believed to be in their seventies, was first found by their daughter on Monday (22 May). She had not visited them since Christmas and was concerned for their safety.

Majorca police reportedly said that the canines had completely eaten the body of the man, while the woman's body had severe bite marks all over it. Police have launched a probe into the shocking incident, but based on initial investigation they believe the couple died of natural causes.

The old man is thought to have died about two months ago, followed by his wife who suffered from Alzheimer's disease and was dependent on her husband. They suspect the woman died of starvation as there was no one to take care of her. The couple lived in a rural farmhouse in Llucmajor.

Media reports quoting their neighbours said that the couple were reserved and did not mingle with others.

They had seven pet dogs, two of which were tied. The two dogs were believed to have starved to death soon after the couple's death. The other dogs then resorted to feeding on the bodies of their dead masters. Some of those dogs were also found dead on Monday.

The daughter is currently receiving psychological attention. Police have taken the bodies for postmortem.