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Arrow season 3 mid-season premiere will deal with the aftermath of Oliver's death Arrow/The CW

Arrow fans are eagerly awaiting the midseason premiere of season 3 to find out how things unfold after the last episode featured the show's hero falling to his death.

Even though it's been confirmed that Oliver Queen is alive and will return, we wonder how the scenes between him and Ra's al Ghul will play out. Well, you'd be surprised to know what actor Matt Nable (who plays Ra's al Ghul) has to say about that.

Ra's does have respect for Oliver so it seems possible that when he returns, Ra's may take that as a potential opportunity to bring Queen into his fold, speculates IGN.

"Yes, I think there could be," Nable told IGN when asked if there might be a future where Oliver and Ra's have a mentor or ally relationship. "Yes... I can say no more."

With regards to how Oliver will return, there are some who speculate that Oliver's old compatriot from Hong Kong, Maseo - now in the League of Assassins - will save his life.

Meanwhile, the show's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg also spoke about Oliver's return. When asked how long Amell had been away from production, Kreisberg replied: "That would suggest that he's not a part of these [upcoming] episodes. He is. I just think the way in which he is a part of them isn't quite what people are expecting."