Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems squad are ready to save the world from monsters and aliens. Titled In Too Deep, season 3 will air two 15-minute episodes back-to-back where the titular character of the popular Cartoon Network series will fight against a looming threat.

Click here to watch the premiere episode via live stream online on cartoon network's official website.

A promo clip released by the network, shows Peridot and Steven taking charge to drill the centre of the Earth to stop the Cluster from destroying the world. While the former Homeworld gem wanted Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst to help them in their dangerous mission, Steven informs her that the Crystal Gems are trapped on an island.

The Clusters are evolving fast in the core of the world and if the Gem geo-weapons (comprised of millions of artificially infused gem shards) will evolve they will burst and will end up destroying Earth.

But the Steven and his Crystal Gem gang are not only worried about The Cluster as Yellow Diamond is also flexing her muscles to destroy them, especially Peridot.

Rebecca Sugar, the creator of the series has meanwhile hinted that there is plenty of storytelling left for the animation series which was renewed for season 5 by the network. "I have a lot of thoughts about the plot, and always have, but the feeling that it has is evolving as I'm changing as a person. What I want to say about the story is rigid, and its flexible. Every time I get more room, I like to think about the nuance of what I want to say in that overarching story I've always wanted to tell," she told Comic Book Resources.

Steven Universe season 3 will have five episodes with the premiere episode airing on 12 May on Cartoon Network.