Street Fighter 5 Guile
Street Fighter veteran character Guile is coming to Street Fighter 5 in April as the game’s second DLC character. Capcom

Capcom has released a trailer showing off Street Fighter 5's latest fighter, Guile, the second additional character released through DLC. The Japanese developer revealed the first details of Guile's inclusion earlier this week.

The new trailer shows Guile pummelling March's DLC character Alex with a variety of attacks, powerful combos and mid-air throws. Retaining his trademark Sonic Boom and anti-air Flash Kick (which is now called a Somersault Kick), Guile also has a few new moves.

Guile can now walk forward while crouching using the Faultless Move, which allows him to advance on his opponent while keeping his charge. He also has a stationary projectile V-skill called Sonic Blade that can juice up his Sonic Booms as well as a V-Trigger skill called Solid Puncher, that gives you the ability to throw multiple Sonic Booms at different speeds.

The DLC video also offers gamers a glimpse of Street Fighter 5's first DLC stage - the Air Force Base - similar to its Street Fighter 2 counterpart, in addition to a new, modern version of Guile's theme.

Guile will be released alongside the game's April update - the release date for which has not been announced yet.

Like Alex, Guile will launch for free for all players and remain so until the Zenny Shop (Street Fighter 5's in-game currency) launches and he receives his own story arc and trials. Guile's battle costume will be available for free for all Season Pass holders. The Air Force Base Stage will available for 70,000 Fight Money and is complimentary for all Season Pass holders.

Similar to the game's other DLC characters, Guile will be allowed at Capcom Pro Tour events one week after his official release. Guile and Alex are two of the six characters slated for release as part of the game's first 'season' of post-launch DLC characters. Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Urien will be released in the coming months.