Over the weekend, the Evolution series of fighting game tournaments headed to the Land of the Rising Sun. The EVO Japan 2020 hosted local and international players competing against each other across six different titles. These include "Soul Calibur VI," "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," "BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle," "Samurai Showdown," "Tekken 7," and "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition." Fans have noticed a resurgence in popularity for the latter after Capcom announced "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition," which could be the definitive version of the game. Moreover, a social media post from a retailer reportedly suggested that a Nintendo Switch version was on the way.

What made it so controversial is the fact that fans know "Street Fighter V" and its succeeding updates are only available for the PlayStation 4 and PC only. The reason behind this exclusivity is Sony's partnership with the publisher to develop the game for its console only. However, the EB Games Canada Twitter account posted an ad saying the title "heading to Nintendo Switch! Preorder now in-store."

This led players to speculate that a Nintendo Switch version of "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition" might be true after all. Capcom game producer Yoshinori Ono is known for making big announcements during major tournaments and fans immediately suspected the EB Games Canada tweet might have preemptively leaked his surprise.

Ono shortly posted a tweet in reply, which other considered cryptic due to the manner of how he phrased his message. Nevertheless, as the Grand Finals Match between Ryo "Nauman" Sato and Kenryo "Mago" Hayashi concluded with the former as the victor, the "Street Fighter V" game producer did not come up the stage to talk about what Capcom has planned in the future.

IGN reports that the retailer followed up with another tweet confirming it was an error. "We posted a tweet advertising 'Street Fighter V: Champion Edition' for the Nintendo Switch earlier this evening," wrote EB Games Canada. "Please note that the details in this tweet were inaccurate, and were posted in error." It appears it was intended for the PlayStation 4 version of the game which is due to release a physical copy in addition to the digital version on Friday, February 14.

'Street Fighter V: Champion Edition' introduces Gill
"Street Fighter V: Champion Edition" releases in February 2020 but Capcom will add Gill as an add-on DLC next month. Photo: Capcom