Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad YouTube) (Warner Bros. Pictures

Margot Robbie is all set to jump on the Hollywood superhero bandwagon with her role as Harley Quinn in Warner Bros' upcoming flick Suicide Squad. But, little do fans know that the actress was also offered the role of Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. Robbie recently opened up about dodging that bullet:

"I didn't really resonate with the script, and I haven't seen the movie, so I don't really know how it turned out different from the page," said Robbie of Fox's reboot which bombed miserably at the box office. "But I had a great meeting with the director (Trank) and I really enjoyed that. I guess it's part of the game: sometime you win some, sometimes you lose some," she told Daily News.

The Wolf of Wall Street actress then went on to talk about sharing screen space with Jared Leto, who plays The Joker in Suicide Squad. Robbie was all praises for Leto's take on the iconic Batman villain saying she felt more comfortable with him while he was in character, but got "petrified" when she saw him without makeup!

"What he's doing with the character is so cool," she said of his "pretty impressive" performance. "At first it was kind of confronting to be up close, but now I'm so used to it, I think if I ever saw him out of makeup now I would be really confused. Actually, I saw him out of makeup once and I was actually petrified of him. I was too scared to go up and didn't know who that person was, and when he got back into his makeup I was far more comfortable."

She added, "The one common denominator is we're all bad guys, it just makes everything more fun that way. The scenes are more interesting I feel, when you just don't know how the characters are going to react, especially with Harley, who's absolutely nuts... she's either going to kill you or laugh and give you a hug."

Suicide Squad is slated to release on 5 August 2016.