Jared Leto as the Joker
Jared Leto as the Joker YouTube) (Warner Bros. Pictures

Jared Leto continues to tease a horrifying and iconic Joker scene from the comic - Batman: The Killing Joke.

A few months ago, an image of Leto resembling the cover of The Killing Joke surfaced online. The image (below) showing Leto (with his green hair, holding a camera) sparked rumours of possible plot similarities between the comic and Joker's storyline in Suicide Squad/ Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto (L) and Batman: The Killing Joker cover (R) DC Comics/ Warner Bros

To add to that, the latest cast related rumours suggest that actress Jena Malone will be playing Barbara Gordon in Batman v Superman. For those who have not read the comics, in Batman: The Killing Joker, the sadistic Joker shoots Barbara, removes her clothes and clicks pictures of her as she is hurting and bleeding. He then shows those photos to her helpless father Commissioner Gordon who he kidnaps.

The latest image of himself posted by Leto further fuels these rumours. The image appears to be of Leto's shadow, and the actor is sporting a hat that is reminiscent of the hat that The Joker wore in Batman: The Killing Joke when he shot Barbara Gordon.

While it's difficult to tell just from a shadow, it also looks like Leto might be wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts just like the ones Joker wore during the famous scene from The Killing Joke.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice releases on 25 March 2016 while Suicide Squad is slated to release on 6 August 2016.