Suits creator talks about upcoming episodes USA Network

In the midseason finale of Suits season 5 fans were shocked to see Mike getting arrested for fraud. Ever since the episode aired, there has been immense speculation and several theories about who could have turned him in. And showrunner Aaron Korsh recently shed some light on this saying that while he does not know anything yet (read "not spilling any beans"), he is not ruling out Rachel's parents.

Rachel comes from a well-to-do family and in an earlier episode, her mom revealed that she has invited many important people for the wedding. Could it be that Rachel's mother and father eventually discovered Mike's secret and decided to expose him? After all, as parents they would not want their daughter to marry a conman.

"...They could've been doing this to protect their child," Korsh told TV Guide when the matter of Rachel's mother disapproving of a simple wedding guest list came up. (via Franchise Herald)

In a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Korsh said that identifying who the snitch was is not among the first things he thought of. "The only person that didn't ask that question first was me," he revealed. "In real life you might never know who did it. The bigger question is: What are we going to do about it? But after being presented that question by a hundred different people it's like, 'OK. I guess we need to explore this thing'. We're not going to find out in [episode 11], but we will find out down the line."

Korsh also teased in an interview with TV Line last month that the priest, Mike spoke to in the last episode, could be "a person of interest". "The rules of confession are that he absolutely cannot hand Mike in, in my mind," Korsh stated. "That doesn't mean he didn't. But it's very interesting. It is everybody's first question: who turned Mike in?"

The show is expected to resume in late January 2016, when it will air the remaining six episodes. However, the official air date is yet to be announced. Episode 11 of Suits season 5 is titled Blowback.