Super Mario Maker Smash Bros Stage
The Super Mario Maker stage being selected in Super Smash Bros. Nintendo

Nintendo has announced a Super Mario Maker-themed stage is heading to both the Wii U and 3DS versions of brawler Super Smash Bros on 30 September, but no specific details have been announced regarding price.

The announcement was made with a trailer that shows the stage in action. The stage will be made around the on-screen action with Mario Maker's on-screen hands adding lifts, platforms and replacing broken blocks. It is not yet known whether the stages are randomised or follow-up a set pattern or patterns, but we suspect the latter.

You can watch the announcement trailer below...

The move comes as no surprise given Super Mario Maker, released on 11 September, is Nintendo's biggest game of these final few months of 2015. The game, which allows players to create, share and play their own and each other's own Mario levels, naturally lends itself to a themed stage too. The constantly changing stage looks like the perfect chaotic fit for Nintendo's hit multiplayer fighter.

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