Super Smash Star Wars

James Farr, an animator, has let his imagination run wild by producing art work that mixes the best of Star Wars and Nintendo, resulting in a Super Smash Bros Star Wars video.

The short film looks incredible and has the potential to inspire a serious crossover. It features Super-Mario-style game play with characters and elements from the Star Wars universe.

The first episode of Farr's work has been split into two parts, both of which can be found in this article. The episode has been split into two parts accommodate as a multitude of references from both worlds. There might also be a third part on the way according to certain reports.

The artist has replaced several regular Mario elements with ones from the Star Wars universe. However, classic elements like the mushroom have still been preserved.

The short film also brings the iconic Walker fight scene from the Empire Strikes Back film, which involves fighter pilots using elements from the Super Mario world to take down the massive and powerful Walkers that are seen in the movie.

Farr has managed to leave us with a fine blend of elements from both worlds, without letting either of them overshadow the other.

Also worth noting is that this mash-up is somewhat similar to what Rovio has been doing with its Angry Birds franchise. The game maker has been blending elements from popular franchises such as Star Wars and other into its latest Angry Birds games to offer a winning mix of variety and fun. The big questions is whether this video will inspire a similar collaboration between Nintendo and Disney, who now own the Star Wars franchise.