Although the NFL is predominantly popular only in North America, the sport is fast becoming a major sport in the UK as well.

Fans up and down the country will be tuning in at 11.30pm on Sunday to see Superbowl XLVI between New England Patriots and the New York Giants. The game is a rematch of the 2008 final where the Patriots, in a famous unbeaten season, lost against the Giants in one of the game's biggest upsets of all time.

It is being branded as (quarterbacks) Tom Brady vs Eli Manning pt 2 and is expected to draw a worldwide audience of over 300 million.

In the UK, NFL fans are arranging their own Superbowl Sunday and will be eating hamburgers and drinking beer well into the early hours of the morning. For those looking for something a bit extra there are a couple of options you can head to.

NFL Superbash at the O2

Beginning at 9pm, the Superbash party at the O2 is by far the biggest event in town and will this year host 4,000 fans until 5am.

Defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, Ndamukong Suh, will join hosts Nat Coombs and Arlo White as we count down to kick off in Indianapolis. Music will be provided by Soul Symphony and the Chicago Bears Drumline while the St Louis Rams Cheerleaders will perform throughout the night.

The £7.50 entry fee includes four Budweiser beers and there is free Pepsi Max all night. The NFL will provide a meal voucher and pizza will be given out.

London Expat American Meetup Group

Arguably, a more authentic option would be to tag along to the official US meet-up group who have been arranging Superbowl parties for nine years.

Run by expat Wilber Webb, the group will meet at 7pm at a location revealed at the very last minute.

Normally 600 people attend for an evening of lots of beer, chicken wings and American nosh until 6am.