Supernatural season 11 episode 2
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural The CW

The CW's hit series Supernatural is currently in its 11th season and is going strong in ratings and has a huge fan base. Network President Mark Pedowitz talked about the future of the series and teased that the show may outlast his tenure.

At the TCA press tour, Pedowitz said: "If they can keep delivering stories, and the numbers keep holding, and the guys want to do it, we're going to try to keep going. I can't tell you if there will be a season 12 yet. I can't tell you if there will be a season 15 yet. I can't tell you if it won't outlast my tenure at the CW. My guess is it will outlast me."

Although the show is not officially picked up for season 12 but the network president is optimistic and added the show is doing better than its preceding season. Pedowitz shared: "Both Jared (Padalecki) and Jensen (Ackles) are having a blast, and as long as they have a blast, it's a great thing. [In its] eleventh year, the show is performing better than it did last year, as well as you could ever hope."

"So, again, we have made no series pickups yet. We have not done anything along those lines, but I'm pretty hopeful that we'll see it again," he added.

The show will come to an end when only when it is out of juice, said Mark, before adding: "I think creatively the studio and the showrunners and Jensen and Jared would come to us first and say 'I think this is it. We're out of juice.' And then we'll deal with it, but at this time I don't think anyone's out of juice."

Supernatural season 11 is currently on a winter hiatus and will return with all new episodes on 20 January at 9pm EST.