Flash season 2 return date
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash season 2 TheCW

The Reverse Flash is coming back and fans are wondering how Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon and the rest of the Star Labs team will react to his arrival. Actor Grant Gustin recently dropped big details about Eobard Thawne's return and teased that Barry could team up with his ex-nemesis to take down a bigger threat.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Gustin, who attended the Golden Globe Awards, shared a picture of himself with the Man in Yellow Suit with the words: "When you hate each other, but you bond over being Zoom's bitches." Gustin captioned the picture as: "Season 2 woes" and also tagged Tom Cavanagh in the post. This hints that Barry may team up with Thawne to take down Zoom.

Season 2 woes. @cavanaghtom

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Actor Matt Letscher will reprise his character as Thawne in The Flash season 2 episode 11, which is aptly titled The Reverse Flash Returns. According to the synopsis, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gets a vibe of Eobard Thawne, and Barry and the Star Labs team don't believe it. However after an attack at Mercury Labs, Christina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays) confirms that the Reverse Flash is back.

Flash season 2
Actor Matt Letscher will return as Eobard Thawne in the upcoming episode of The Flash  The CW

Previously, executive producer Todd Helbing also hinted at a life-changing decision for Barry in the episode. Helbing told Entertainment Weekly: "His impossible return to Central City puts a member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team in unexpected danger, forcing Barry to make a life-changing decision."

So, this life-changing decision could be about Barry deciding to team up with the Reverse Flash to take down Zoom once and for all.

The Flash season 2 is currently on a hiatus and will return with all new episodes on 19 January on The CW. The midseason premiere episode is titled Potential Energy and here is the official synopsis released by the network.

Now that they've grown closer, Barry (Grant Gustin) considers telling Patty (guest star Shantel VanSanten) that he is The Flash. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris (Candice Patton) try to get to know Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and the team hunts down a meta-human who can slow time itself.