Supernatural season 10
Supernatural Season 10 cover picture CW

The Winchester brothers are getting back into the hunting business in the next new episode of Supernatural which airs today (October 28) at 9 pm ET on The CW.

The fourth episode is titled Paper Moon, where Sam and Dean get wind of a series of murders that look like werewolf attacks and head out to investigate. They discover that Kate, the werewolf they let escape back in the Season 8 episode 'Bitten', may be involved in all the killings.

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During the 200th episode red carpet interviews, Adam Glass the writer of this episode talks about the return of Kate

Glass told Tvline: "Her experience, as great Monster of the Week episodes always do, reflects basically where the boys are at emotionally right now. So it will be them looking at themselves in the mirror through Kate and what's happening in her experience."

Explaining the decision to revisit Lady Lycanthrope, Glass said that when viewers last saw Kate, in Season 8's 'Bitten', "It was like The Incredible Hulk, which was pretty cool, as she's walking off. And I think everybody in the writers room was like, 'What happened to Kate? What is her next move?' So the idea of bringing her back is just tremendous."

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