Supernatural season 11 episode 20
Rob Benedict as Chuck/God in Supernatural season 11 episode 20 pictures The CW

After months of speculations over Where is God? Does he even exist? Supernatural season 11 episode 20 titled Don't Call Me Shurley finally resolved this dilemma once and for all. Rob Benedict, who returned to play Chuck, is God after all!

This Wednesday's (4 May) episode featured God explaining to Metatron where he had been all this time, why he used Chuck as a disguise and whether he knows about Amara's return. Also, God asked for Metatron's help in finishing his latest project, his autobiography.

God also revealed that he put on Chuck's suit to "hideout in plain sight". Metatron criticised God's autobiography and said: "Details is what makes a story great. This is lacking in some details, like all of them," before stating: "You weren't alone in the beginning, your sister was with you." However, God immediately hit back, adding: "Who cares about her?... This isn't her story. It's mine."

When Metratron asked why he created life, Chuck explained: "I was lonely," and added that his sister wasn't a very good company. "I am being. She is nothingness." Also, God didn't think of Amara as his problem to deal with and blamed Winchester brothers Sam and Dean for the havoc.

Elsewhere, Amara unleashed her darkness on a small town in Colarado, causing people to act violently, even as Dean and Sam arrived at the scene to help the townsfolk. But when Sam got affected, God himself helped them.

Dean found the God's Samulet glowing in his pocket as Chuck started singing at the bar. As Sam got cured, the dark clouds faded away and the episode ended with Chuck coming face-to-face with the brothers, saying: "We should probably talk."

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The synopsis and promo released for the upcoming episode shows Amara torturing Lucifer, who has taken over Castiel's body, and Dean asking Chuck/God's help to save their friend. Episode 21 titled All in the Family will air on 11 May at 9pm EST on The CW.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

The promo for the episode shows Dean talking to Chuck about eliminating Amara. Dean says: "Amara, I know, is going to eliminate you after she destroys everything you've created. Chuck, it's you who have to take her out."

The promo voice-over says: "In Chuck we trust!" Will Chuck stop Amara? Do not miss the finale two episode of Supernatural season 11 to find out.